Isiseko Seminar on Finances

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Dear Saints The South African middle classes will have to take note of the imminent economic crisis that could cause much hardship and pain,…

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Emotional Abuse In Marriage.

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emotional_abuse_by_marcgosselin EMOTIONAL ABUSE: THE SILENT KILLER OF MARRIAGE

Physical and verbal abuse are forms of “visible” abuse. Scars and bruises, raised voices and demeaning and hurtful words are signals to others that something is not quite right in the relationship. It’s also easier for a wife to see and recognize that’s she’s being abused. Emotional abuse, however, is much more insidious and not quite as visible. Certainly, a partner’s (normally the wife) self-esteem and spirit are battered along with her/his body in the case of physical and verbal abuse, but a husband can kill his wife’s spirit without even raising a hand or voice against her. For this reason, many women/men don’t even know they’re being abused, or if they do it’s a long and difficult battle not only to work to repair the damage done themselves, but to get the abuser to recognize the harm that s/he’s done. Take note that abuse started being a gender issue where man were the abusers and whilst it’s still mainly man that are abusers women are catching up faster and we’re praying that they don’t eventually catch up. When the abused become the abuser, when the victim becomes the perpetrator lives are lost.