Isiseko Seminar on Finances

Dear Saints

The South African middle classes will have to take note of the imminent economic crisis that could cause much hardship and pain, even destabilization.  The perfect storm is on its way and imminent, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have your job tomorrow and you need to make preparation for the uncertain future.  God is in control but He expects us to act like wise: “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise”. Ephesians 5:15 – NLT.  What should we do:

Time for cool heads

How should you and I, the ordinary middle class citizens, prepare for the tough times ahead?

It’s definitely not a time to live extravagantly or to get deeper into debt. It is time for consolidation and to get one’s house in order, financially and otherwise.  At the same time, paralyzing negativity and wild prophecies of doom won’t help even a little bit. It is time for cool heads and a good understanding of the prevailing dynamics and undercurrents in South Africa’s politics and economy.  Unhappiness in one’s personal life undermines one’s ability to survive trying times. If the boat you’re sailing in is without leaks and has a reliable engine, your chances of getting to the other side of the storm in one piece is much greater.

I think people should start paying extra attention to their personal relationships, family life and friendships; they should ponder the ways they relate with their communities and the rest of society; and they should care about their own physical and spiritual health.

The Seminar is not about finances but about redeeming the soul of our marriages from the Babylonian system that has taken root in our lives masquerading as blessings, and for you to start to understand the true blessings from the Father.  As Proverbs say: “The blessing of Adonai is what makes people rich, and he doesn’t mix sorrow with it”. Proverbs 10:22 – CJB.  We will cover a number of areas including Spending: the beginning of the end, Enough of anything is too much, Lifestyles of the rich we can’t afford, Marriage: tying a knot in your money and the spiritual aspect of money.  At the end of Saturday we should have our souls redeemed from the claws of the Babylonian system.  How we wished that the Alumni would attend this seminar for their family’s sake but people are making decisions without seeing that the clouds are gathering, ‘izulu liyezisa’