“Save The World, But Men First”

Historical Background

In the year of Our Lord, 2011, Mbulelo Bikwani received the word of the Lord to start Isiseko Family Institute. Supported by his wife Nombulelo Bikwani they both birthed this institute. At a retreat held over a week-end at Wortelgat, near Stanford, in June 2011, the idea of a family institute was received and endorsed by all who participated in that retreat. Historians will record that “the rest is history”. Not us. In the spirit of Joel, we shall tell it to our sons and daughters and let our sons and daughters tell their sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters the next generation. Statistical evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the family in our society is under tremendous pressure and attack by the evil one. Yet we know like we know that the family is an institution created by God. Family and morality are the very fibre of order for society. When family order disintegrates, then social order also disintegrates. We can lose all as David did in 1 Samuel 30:8, when the Lord gave him confirmation that he should, "pursue, overtake and recover all". We, as believers, have a mandate, the authority to pursue the enemy, overtake and recover all he has stolen from us as individuals, families and as communities.


Our Mission

Isiseko Family Institute is a place where adults, married couples, divorced or widowed, single persons and persons with disabilities cross from fear to faith, from despair to hope, and from loneliness to love, through the power of God.

Our Vision

To provide a safe, positive environment for hurting people of God to celebrate fellowships and friendships with one another and connect with God in pursuit of a GOD-fearing life. Isiseko Family Institute supports these individuals and families on their journey of faith to become fully functioning and dynamic servant-leaders, to love God and their fellow men, and to change their world.

Our Values

Our values are both essential and far-reaching. They include outreach, personal transformation, hospitality, positive attitudes, empowered adults, character leadership, quality, integrity, safety, diversity, and character based development as the core guiding values.


Isiseko Family Institute will seek intentional and creative ways to connect with adults, in or out of marriage in the broader community, through organised events, e.g., Marriage Course, Marriage Preparation Course, Singles Course, Monthly Words of Wisdom (WoW) sessions, quarterly retreats, seminars and conferencing

Our areas of ministry

Married couples, divorced or widowed, children, single persons, persons with disabilities and family mediation

Our Platform

Isiseko Family Institute stands on the solid foundation of:

  • The Word of God
  • The Will of God
  • The Ways of God
  • The Worshiping God
  • Loving God with all our hearts, soul and mind

Loving people as we do ourselves


“I found this community at a time in my life when I was really hurting. I walked in the doors, and felt like I had just come home!”

Dean Carroll
Dean Carroll Church visitor

“I was welcomed with warmth and friendship. Thank you so so much for your warm hearts and all your help.”

Maria Moore
Maria Moore Church visitor

“I have been going to this church my whole life and it is such a blessing to me! I am so blessed to be able to attend their meetings and be a part of the amazing things that God is doing.”

Jeremy Thompson
Jeremy Thompson Church visitor