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IFI started off with a founding retreat programme that was held in Wortelgal in the Western Cape. Over the eight (8) years, IFI has grown its programmes to offer training courses that target married couples and later extending to engaged couples and parents. To date, we have reached over 500 families across the Cape Town Metro since our inception. Our goal is to reach all major cities in the nine provinces by 2022. In 2019, we successfully launched our new branch in Johannesburg; our goal is to reach all major cities of the country by year 2023.


Program Program Description
Marriage EnrichmentThis nine (9) module course equips married couples with practical tools to build a solid biblical foundation for their marriage, work through sources of marital conflict and grow a loving healthy relationship. This course is intended for all married couples, whether they think their marriage is healthy or unhealthy.
Marriage PreparationThis eight (8) module course prepares engaged couples or those in a relationship for the journey of marriage. It takes them into marriage in a way that attends to their expectations in preparation for what is to come.
ParentingOur parenting course is for parents from all walks of life, whether single, engaged, married, widowed, or divorced. This course comprises five (5) modules to equip parents with practical tools to raise children that will achieve their full potential in life.
Restoring Lives“Where do Broken Hearts Go? Who cares? We do!

This course offers support and practical skills to help you recover fully from the breakdown of a serious relationship. We explore all the issues related to separation as a result of death or divorce with others who are facing similar challenges.
Open Room EngagementAre you a teenager? Do you need a safe space to talk? You are at the right place.

This platform for all teenagers from different backgrounds to connect and talk about challenges they face. It is a safe space to express yourself and ask all the questions.
Alumni networkIFI has an alumni network of over 500 families. Our alumni network provides a vital pool of volunteers who form part of our programmes team and also recruit new families to enroll into our courses. Through the alumni network, we provide our members with ongoing access to our family resources and services, to targeted interventions for men and women, and family therapy interventions.