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Save The World, But Men First

Save The World, But Men First

Save The World, But Men First

What We Can Do For You!

Married couples, divorced or widowed, children, single persons, persons with disabilities and family mediation


Marriage Enrichment

This nine (9) module course equips married couples with practical tools to build a solid biblical foundation for their marriage, work through sources of marital conflict and grow a loving healthy relationship. This course is intended for all married couples, whether they think their marriage is healthy or unhealthy.


Marriage Preparation

This eight (8) module course prepares engaged couples or those in a relationship for the journey of marriage. It takes them into marriage in a way that attends to their expectations in preparation for what is to come .


Alumni network

IFI has an alumni network of over 500 families. Our alumni network provides a vital pool of volunteers who form part of our programmes team and also recruit new families to enroll into our courses. Through the alumni network, we provide our members with ongoing access to our family resources and services, to targeted interventions for men and women, and family therapy interventions.